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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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How Big Should You Go With A Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodeling tends to be one of the most significant home renovation projects. Many homeowners wonder how far they should go with kitchen remodeling. Several factors determine the aggressiveness of renovations.

Functional Issues

Even if you're already committed to a relatively small remodel, it is wise to go as far as necessary to address functional issues. You don't want a leaky plumbing system to undermine your efforts. Likewise, poor lighting can affect the new kitchen's appearance. Inefficient systems like electricity and water can also chew at your pocketbook for years after a kitchen remodel. When in doubt, go big on fixing practical problems.


The purpose of remodels will differ between homeowners. Someone preparing to sell a house in the next couple of years will focus on renovations that deliver the best return on investment. Conversely, a person who intends to live in a house for decades might do major renovations because they have to live with the kitchen. Having a clear purpose will help you decide whether or not to go further with the remodel.


Your target timeframe will also affect how far you can go with the project. If you want renovators to remodel the kitchen while you're away on a two-week vacation, you may have to limit the project scope. However, a family willing to commit weeks or months to the job can aim for a more extensive set of goals.

Current Look

The current look of the kitchen can significantly influence the size of the project. Some kitchens just look old. Worse, they can look old right down to the size and shape of the cabinets. The more you need to modernize the kitchen's look, the bigger the job is.

Layout Changes

Altering a kitchen's layout can pose significant challenges, especially if you want to change how the kitchen flows into the adjacent rooms. For example, knocking out a wall to connect the kitchen and dining room requires more work. Additional alterations, such as adding or relocating an island, will also make the job tougher.


The reusability of some of the existing elements may take some of the sting out of the project. For example, you can often reuse the cabinets if you don't significantly change the layout. Cabinet refacing will save money, labor, and time. You also might be surprised how different the cabinets look with a new finish and hardware. For more information on kitchen remodeling, reach out to a company such as 4 Seasons Construction Inc.