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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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3 Unique Ways To Utilize Your Space For A Basement Remodel

Are you looking to add some additional square footage to your home and have an unfinished basement that you want to renovate? If so, it can help to have some ideas about what to do with the space to make it unique. 

Home Theater

Some people dream of having a home theater, and the basement is the perfect place for it. While it can be very hard to convert an existing room in your home to a home theater, a basement is a blank canvas that works perfectly.

You can design the basement with the purpose of watching movies in mind. This includes running all of the necessary cables through the walls for a surround sound speaker system, creating raised seating so that everyone has a good view of the screen, and completely blocking out the light so that you don't have screen reflections. 

Remodeling a basement also gives you the opportunity to hide all of the home theater components so that they cannot be seen. This could include a spot for the projector to be mounted to the ceiling or built-in cabinetry so that the components are in the wall instead of in a large entertainment center.

Basement Bar

Turn your basement into a place that is ideal for socializing by creating a basement bar. Having a hidden bar tucked away in your basement ensures that it is out of the way from the rest of the home and a destination to go to when friends and family come over. It will turn the space into one that is built for gatherings and will encourage others to visit you.

A basement bar will require some special construction that can best be done when remodeling a basement. This includes plumbing lines so that you have a working sink in the space, spots to plug in an appliance like a refrigerator, and the actual bar itself that can be built into the floor rather than a floating island that is not stable.

Game Room

Are you a big tabletop gamer that likes to gather people around to play board games? A gaming room can be a perfect addition to your home basement renovation. There are actual board game tables that you can purchase with recessed playing areas for miniatures, places for people to place their drinks so they don't spill, and ample room for gaming. You can then surround the space with plenty of storage for all your tabletop games so you can pick from them like a personal library. 

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