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Tips For Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom

Remodeling a guest bathroom may not be quite as exciting as remodeling the master bathroom that you use every day. But it is still a fun adventure, and it's nice to know that your guests will soon get to enjoy a nice, new space. Guest bathrooms are usually smaller, and people usually try to stick to a smaller budget when remodeling them. The following tips will help you achieve those goals with your remodel.

Keep what you can.

Homeowners often assume that they need to strip everything out of the bathroom and start over. Sometimes, it may be possible to leave a few elements behind and save yourself money on remodeling, especially when you're remodeling a guest bath that does not get used every day. Maybe the sink is in fine shape, or perhaps the floor is newer and can be saved. Decide what elements you are leaving behind, and then choose new building materials that coordinate with them.

Consider a standing shower.

Instead of installing a shower and a bathtub in the guest bathroom, consider just installing a shower. You can get away with just a small, standing shower rather than having to occupy a whole wall. Not only is this cheaper, but it leaves more empty space in the bathroom, which can be nice in a smaller guest bathroom. 

Go with neutral colors.

Since your guest bathroom will not get a ton of use, it will probably be many years before you remodel it again. Therefore, you will want whatever materials you choose to still look stylish a decade or two down the road. A good way to achieve this is to go with a neutral color scheme. You can add color with towels and other decor. These are easy to switch out when the color trends change.

Include plenty of storage.

When nobody is staying with you and using the guest bathroom, you can use it to store extra towels and other bathroom items. But you won't want those items to be scattered about and messy. So, build plenty of storage in your guest bathroom. Some extra cabinets along one wall, a cabinet over the toilet, and a larger vanity all offer more storage space.

With these tips, you will have better luck when remodeling a guest bathroom. When all is said and done, your guests will appreciate having a modern, updated space to use the facilities and get ready for the day.

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