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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Basement Remodeling — Functional And Secure Upgrade Strategies

Remodeling your home's basement will increase your family's living space. Use the home remodeling tips that follow to help you prepare remodeling plans that are functional and secure.

Drainage And Insulation

Adequate drainage is essential if you will be installing a sink or a washer and dryer in the basement. The addition of damage-free insulation will improve the comfort level of the basement during the summer and winter.

Before the basement remodeling project commences, schedule an appointment for your remodeling contractor to inspect the basement. If any plumbing or insulation upgrades or repairs will need to be performed, your contractor may hire a specialized subcontractor to perform the required work duties.

Artificial Light And Walls

The basement remodeling project may involve upgrading the space so that you and your family members will be able to enjoy independent tasks and group activities. The installation of ambient lighting and task lighting will make the basement area suited for watching movies, reading, playing games, and performing household chores.

New lighting should be installed in each area that will be cordoned off. When your remodeling contractor prepares the remodeling plans, they will take note of where new walls will be installed.

If you are going to break up the space within the basement, the addition of walls will keep each area organized, plus will increase privacy between adjacent living spaces. The addition of walls will also offer thermal benefits. 

Natural Light And Exits

Because the basement will be underground, the amount of natural light that is received in the space will be limited. Elevated windows that are located along the top of each basement wall will supply some natural light. If you would like to increase this amount, request that your remodeling contractor installs some more windows.

Having access to an emergency exit is important. In some jurisdictions, a residential property owner must develop an egress plan. An egress plan outlines the emergency escape route that an occupant of the basement can use. The steps that lead to the basement or a window and ladder setup can serve as an egress route.

During the planning of the remodeling project, your contractor will acquire a good understanding of how you will be utilizing the basement. Your contractor will show you a variety of egress materials and setups that will work well for the size and layout of the basement. An egress route will need to be well-lit and easily accessible. 

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