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Have A Large Kitchen? Hire Remodelers To Build A Coffee Bar

When you have a large kitchen with available space, you can confidently plan additions and improvements. Suppose you already have all the essential features. In that case, you may want to consider specific projects that accommodate your family's unique needs. A great example is taking an empty kitchen space and turning it into a coffee bar for your family to enjoy.

While you can create a coffee bar on your own, you will benefit significantly from hiring remodelers who can give you a feature-rich and long-lasting addition.


A valuable feature to add to your coffee bar is a sink. While you may already have a sink in the kitchen, you may use the one at a coffee bar regularly. The sink helps clean and rinse filters, mugs, tools, and coffee makers. Using warm or hot water is often all you need to clean coffee-related items because introducing soap can lead to flavor issues.

Fortunately, you only need to add a small sink with a single basin. This setup allows you to dedicate most of the coffee bar's countertop space to other important features and items.


When you look around your kitchen, you may already have a lot of items and tools related to coffee. So, you want to create a coffee bar with enough dedicated storage to store everything you own and anything you pick up in the future. Cabinets and shelves are viable options to put above the countertop, depending on what kind of storage you are interested in.

Cabinets often provide greater storage capacity because their dimensions are often larger. But you can still get ample storage with strategic shelf installation and organization.


The countertop is an essential coffee bar feature because you need a space to make coffee. While you can pick many materials, you will appreciate heat-resistant and water-resistant ones since you will deal with heat and water while brewing coffee. A quartz countertop is a superb option because it has low upkeep and possesses both qualities.


Adding outlets to the coffee bar will allow you to use electronic tools. For instance, you may have a coffee maker, electric burr grinder, and milk frother you need to plug in. A smart move is to add enough outlets to plug everything in and an extra socket or two for new additions.

Get help from a local kitchen remodel service to install a coffee bar in your large kitchen.