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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Remodel Your Bathroom To Get The Most Use Of A Small Space

Most of your family may go to the main bathroom in your home when they need to use the toilet, shower, or brush their teeth. So, you may deem this the most important bathroom because so many people in your household use it regularly. A small space can limit freedom and functionality, but creative remodeling can help you get the most use of the room.

Improving and replacing current features and adding brand-new features can give you an outcome that satisfies your family.


Most of your family using the same shower makes it worth investing in helpful upgrades, such as incorporating built-in storage and seating. Building storage into the shower walls on the front, back, and sides will reduce clutter and allow you to get rid of temporary storage. A smart plan is to create a cut-out for each family member, so everyone has their own storage space.


Another commonly used bathroom feature is the vanity, where family members may brush their teeth, wash their hands, and go through their skincare routine. Some vanities provide little to no storage, and you can easily solve this problem by replacing the vanity.

An optimal vanity for a small space maximizes functionality within the small space it consumes. For instance, you will find vanity models with legs. While these legs may look appealing, they take up space that could otherwise be used to provide more storage capacity.


Going beyond the bathtub, shower, and vanity for storage is worthwhile. A small bathroom may not have much space for many extra features. However, you may find room in an unused corner or along an underutilized wall to add a closet or floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. You will appreciate working with remodelers because they can customize the design to fit the space.


When your family does not take many baths, you may feel comfortable keeping the existing tub. However, you can improve this feature by installing a deck that provides storage and functionality directly around the bathtub. The deck helps store bath-related products when you start running the water or while relaxing inside the bath.

Another benefit is giving you a place to put down potpourri, candles, decorations, and even electronics. You can set your smartphone or e-reader on the deck instead of the floor.

Hire a remodeling company and implement these tips to get the most use out of a small family bathroom. For more information, talk with custom bathroom remodeling contractors.