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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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5 Smart Tips To Turn A Shared Bathroom Into A Guest Bathroom

Not every homeowner has the luxury of a separate guest bathroom. If your guests must use family members' bathrooms, how can you ensure the best possible experience for them? Here are five changes that can help everyone feel like they have their own space.

1. Install a Private Entrance. 

If the guest bedroom must share a bathroom, create a good compromise by installing a private door to the guest room. This lockable entrance doesn't affect the overall use of the bathroom by family members, but it turns the guest bedroom into a more private en suite. 

2. Have Dual Storage. 

Be prepared to turn over the shared bathroom when guests arrive by including more dedicated storage. A storage area for the family and one for the guest bathroom ensures that it's always ready for visitors. This storage should include space for practical items that guests need as well as decor to give it a quick makeover. Make life easier for both family users and guests, too, by labeling storage. 

3. Use Flexible Personalization. 

Rather than personalizing the bathroom for family users through main paint colors and permanent decor, personalize with things you can quickly change. Start with a more neutral base palette, then add personalized touches, colors, and themes through things like rugs, curtains, shower curtains, shelf decor, and wall art. 

4. Accommodate With Other Rooms

When you have guests, it's kind to let them have the bathroom all to themselves. This may mean kicking out the kids or other regular users. Can your other bathrooms temporarily handle the overflow? This may call for some adjustments to surrounding bathrooms, like adding a tub to the parents' bathroom so they can bathe small children away from guests. 

5. Perform Regular Upkeep. 

Family bathrooms — especially for families with kids — can get damaged, worn, or outdated through regular daily use. And many homeowners procrastinate upkeep and updates because visitors rarely use these private spaces. However, this bathroom will also have outside users. So give it priority. Keep fixtures in good repair, fix broken elements, repaint on a regular basis, and replace outdated decor when possible. 

Where to Start

Ready to begin turning your family bathroom into a space that will wow guests? Start by meeting with a bathroom renovation contractor in your area today. With their expertise and these tips, you'll soon design a bathroom that effortlessly performs all its roles.