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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Tips For Having An Old Home Painted On The Inside

When you live in an older home, you get used to home renovation projects being a little more demanding than usual. You encounter things that are broken that need fixing along the way, and you realize that old-time materials aren't as easy to work with. These things are as true with interior painting as they are with other tasks. So, if you hire a painting crew to paint the inside of your older home, here are a few tips that will come in handy.

Get a quote in person.

Painting an older home can be a lot more work than painting a new one. If the walls are plaster, they may be delicate and require a careful touch. If the rooms are oddly shaped, they might take longer for the painting crew to tape off. To avoid facing a higher bill than you expected, it is a good idea to have your painting crew come quote the project in person. This way, they will have a better idea of what they are getting into, and they can give you a more accurate quote. If they were to quote you over the phone, they might just go by square footage and underestimate the time the project will actually take.

Be prepared to have plaster or drywall work done first.

There is a chance that your painters will show up to quote the project and advise you to have a drywall contractor come out before they'll paint. If the walls are chipping, there are a lot of holes to fill, or the walls need any other sort of work, the painters may not do this part (Some painting companies do, but not all of them). If you do have to have drywall or plasterwork first, you'll want to schedule it a couple of weeks before your painting to ensure the joint compound has time to dry.

Consider matte finishes and textured paint.

It's really hard, even for the best painters and drywallers, to get an old wall perfectly smooth. Thankfully, you can hide the imperfections in old walls with textured paint. The texture will keep your eyes from catching the glare on uneven spots. In milder cases, a matte paint may work. Ask your painter for recommendations in this regard.

Your old home will look like new once your interior walls get a new coat of paint! Depend on the tips above, and you should be set. Contact interior home painting contractors near you to learn more.