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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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5 Cases Where Homeowners Should Use Custom Tiles On Remodels

Working with a custom tile supply company represents a different investment than going to a big-box retailer and taking whatever they offer. However, there are plenty of cases where that investment will pay off handsomely. If you're thinking about using custom tile on a project, you might want to see how it matches up with these 5 common remodeling scenarios where people use this class of product.

Matching Existing Materials 

Not all renovations are full-on teardowns, and many people simply fixing and updating rooms just want to restore some luster. If you're happy with the existing tiles in a room, you may still need to match them. Especially if some are chipped, faded, or stained, you should remove those and replace them with fresh ones.

However, you may find the old tiles are no longer available or were custom products in the first place. A custom tile supply business, though, might be able to match the materials. They can help you look at the glazes and designs of the originals to determine what the best replacement may be.


A backsplash makes an excellent addition to a kitchen or bathroom. However, it also tends to be a visually strong feature that's close to eye level. Consequently, you probably don't want it to be boring or basic.

Using custom tile, you can give a backsplash something extra. Visitors to your home will see the custom work and take away a strong impression.

Distinctive Colors and Patterns

Manufacturers have to produce materials in lines so they can achieve economies of scale. That is fine for their profit lines, but it may limit the available colors and patterns. Custom tile supply firms can offer options that go well beyond what's available in retail. If you want a weird color or an unusual pattern, there's a good chance a supplier can help you find a solution.


Most tiles on the market come in squares, and then there are a few other shapes like seashells or fish scales. Once more, this is great for manufacturing at scale but isn't great for custom remodels. If you want to use less common shapes, customization may be the only viable option.


The gloss levels on most retail tiles are typically standardized. If you can find more than three options on the market, that's impressive. With customization, though, you can achieve whatever level of gloss or matte you desire.

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