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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Some Dos And Don'ts Of Remodeling Your Kitchen For Resale

Are you remodeling your kitchen in order to improve the home's sale price and appeal to buyers? Remodeling for resale value calls for a different approach than remodeling for the homeowner's own enjoyment. What should you know about this difference? Here are a few important dos and don'ts. 

Do Upgrade Appliances

Today's homeowners have expectations about kitchen appliance quality.  Even those who don't cook as much as they'd like are attracted to better quality brands and updated appliances. You don't need to splurge for chef-quality appliances, but do budget for higher-end purchases. Ask your contractor and real estate agent for suggestions about what buyers in your area expect to see. 

Don't Personalize Too Much

Avoid the temptation to remake the kitchen into your own dream kitchen. The goal here is to create a kitchen that appeals to as broad a range of buyers as possible. This means adding universally important elements like plenty of counter space and storage but not customizing that storage more than is necessary. Your contractor can help provide a wide perspective based on their work with many other households. 

Do Add Functionality

Focus on additions that add function to the space. Improving an old, impractical layout can be one of the best uses of your money. In addition, consider modern additions like a better pantry, extra drawers, good lighting, organization tools, and sturdy countertops. A comfortable, functional kitchen appeals more than one that's splashy but ineffective. 

Don't Overspend

Make a budget and stick to it. Remember that your goal is to recoup your investment through the home sale, not to do everything you personally want. Buyers aren't likely to be sufficiently impressed by that perfect, handmade hardware you love, so save it for your next kitchen when you can appreciate it instead. 

Do Match the Home

Finally, plan your remodel in accord with the house itself as well as the neighborhood. A high-tech modernist kitchen in a Victorian cottage could actually achieve the reverse of your goals and make the house less appealing or drive down its price. Even an older or more modest home can still work well with an updated kitchen as long as you choose the right features, materials, and ambiance. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about designing a kitchen renovation specifically for resale value? Start by meeting with an experienced remodeling contractor like one at Rochester Bath & Kitchen Remodeling in your area today. Together, you can find the right additions and changes to help your home sell fast and at a great price.