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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Creating Custom Cabinet Designs To Makeover Kitchens

When you are planning on making changes to your kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider, such as cabinetry. Rather than conventional cabinet designs, you might want to do something different, such as a fusion of modern and traditional cabinets. The following custom cabinet designs will help you makeover your kitchen with a modern design that fuses these elements together:

Use Glass Inserts and Mirrored Doors

One of the best ways to fuse different styles in your kitchen is to use a combination of glass and mirror features. These features are timeless and add a touch of elegance to the new design in your kitchen. Glass and mirror features enhance the appearance of your kitchen and help reflect light. This can make smaller kitchens look more spacious and open than they really are. Glass features can also help you add lighting features to your new kitchen design by installing lighting inside the units with glass doors.

Sophisticated Hardware That Matches Other Finishes

There are also options for sophisticated hardware in the design of your kitchen. These can be features that include polished nickel hardware or brass details that can match lighting and plumbing fixtures. Talk with your cabinet service about the other types of finishes you plan on using in the kitchen when choosing the hardware for your cabinets. Matching cabinet hardware with other finishes will help to fuse different designs together.

Multi-Tiered Cabinet Design That Include Organization

Another option to consider for your kitchen is a multi-tiered design. This is a type of design that includes closed storage, open elements, and organization systems to keep the clutter cleaned up. This might start with conventional cabinet floor units and then include open shelving or no ceiling-height units. A multi-tier design can also include features like mobile cabinet units that can be moved around the kitchen when needed.

Modern Rustic Cabinet Designs With Reclaimed Wood Details

For the traditional cabinet features in your kitchen, you might want to consider adding rustic details. Reusing reclaimed lumber is a great way to add these details to the cabinets in your kitchen. The rustic cabinet details help to add a touch of warmth to the modern design with accents that provide natural wood tones.

Custom cabinet designs are a great way to makeover your kitchen into something modern, sophisticated, and unique. Contact a custom cabinet design service to discuss options to fuse together the traditional and modern design elements for your kitchen.