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2 Reasons To Have Professionals Install Your Home's New Tile Flooring

If you are currently remodeling your kitchen and/or bathroom, you may have decided to change the floor by replacing it with a tile one. After looking up instructive articles and videos, you may decide to try your hand at laying the tile yourself.

However, laying down tile involves more than gluing pieces to the subfloor. There are nuances to doing the installation work that require experience and know-how. Below are a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional installer to lay your tile floor instead of attempting to do the work yourself.

1.  Take Steps to Make Sure the Subfloor and Tile Remain Intact

One reason that you should hire a professional flooring installer to lay your new tile floor is that they can take the needed steps to ensure that the subfloor and tile remain intact. If the tile is laid on a subfloor that is uneven or starting to deteriorate, the tile may not fully stick. This could then cause problems with the pieces coming up.

Also, if the subfloor is not fully intact, the tiles will not lay flat against its surface. This issue can lead to cracking of the tiles, especially if certain pieces are placed over dips. A professional can reinforce and straighten the subfloor before they start attaching the tile to make sure that these problems do not happen.

2.  Ensure the Tiles Are Properly Positioned and Laid Out Straight

Another issue that you may come across if you attempt to install your own tile floor is that you may not have the necessary tools to ensure that each row is properly positioned and laid out straight. If you do not start out with an even position or if you stray even a small fraction from the intended path, you will find that the tiles will be crooked and leave gaps once you reach the other side of the room.

However, an installer will have the necessary tools and experience to keep track of each tile's position. They will also know how to correct for any irregularities in the floor and structure of the room.

If you attempt to lay the tile yourself, you may not be able to fully ensure that the subfloor is intact and you may have issues with keeping the pieces flat and straight. Instead of trying to do the task yourself, contact a remodeling contractor who offers flooring installation services to discuss your options for having them structure and lay your home's new tile floor for you.