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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Kitchen Cabinet Solutions For Modern Open-Concept Home Designs

An open-concept design is a layout inside a home that keeps the main living spaces open, making them feel more spacious. This is an important part of the layout of modern kitchen designs too, which is why cabinets should be planned with a layout and custom features that enhance the open-concept design and improve the main gathering space in your home. The following kitchen cabinet solutions will help improve the open-concept design that you want to achieve for space in your home:

Make the most of cabinet dead space—The cabinet units that are installed in your kitchen often have dead spaces between units or areas where there are things like sinks. There are different solutions to make the most of these spaces, such as a narrow spice rack between units or a fold-out drawer in front of the sink. Talk to the cabinet designer about solutions to make the most of this space to keep your kitchen open and still have the storage you need.

Reduce high cabinet units and use more shelves—The high cabinets in your kitchen can cramp open space, be difficult to clean, and often have out-of-reach space that is not too useful. Therefore, you want to limit the higher cabinets in your kitchen as much as possible. Keep any high wall units away from the sink and appliances, which are areas where vapors in your kitchen can cause them to get greasy and grimy—making them difficult to keep clean.

Custom cabinet islands for food prep space and dining—Another feature that is common with open-concept living space design is kitchen islands that provide extra food preparation surfaces, as well as solutions like seating for dining. There are different kitchen island designs that can be done to give you the solutions you need for an open-concept layout. Pull-out leaves can also be added to the island to allow it to be converted into a larger dining table with plenty of seating when you want to entertain guests.

Open cabinet units for depth and more open kitchen space—The doors on your kitchen cabinet units close off space and make the kitchen feel more cramped. Therefore, you want to have more units with glass on doors or open shelving, which will help add depth to the kitchen design and create a more open feeling. The open cabinets without doors should be installed in areas where they will not have problems with grime, such as at corners, below an island, and away from appliances.

The right kitchen cabinet designs will help enhance the open-concept design to give your home a great gathering space for friends and family. If you are ready to add cabinets for an open-concept design for your home, contact a kitchen cabinet service and talk to them about some of these solutions.