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Design Considerations For Planning A Pass-Through Window Between Your Kitchen And Dining Room

If you've decided that you want to add a pass-through window to the wall that divides your kitchen and dining room, a remodeling contractor can get the job done right. This opening in the wall will make your life considerably easier, whether you're trying to get food onto the dining room table while it's still hot or wanting to quickly clear dishes for the dishwasher after your meal. Adding a pass-through window isn't a job that is overly difficult, but you'll want to discuss a series of design considerations with your contractor in advance of the project so that you're pleased with the end result. Here are some topics to discuss.

Ledge Width

A pass-through window offers the most usefulness when its bottom ledge is wide enough for you to set plates and other items on. If this ledge is too narrow to safely balance different items, you'll need to wait for someone to grab items from the other side of the window, rather than be able to set them on the ledge and get back to what you're doing. In some houses, the wall between the kitchen and dining room is thick enough that the ledge will naturally be of adequate thickness. If the wall is too thin, you'll want your contractor to place a ledge — possibly made of wood — at the bottom of the opening.

Window Height

Give some thought to the height of the pass-through window, too. Obviously, it needs to be installed at a suitable height so that it's easier for people to pass items through it. Keep in mind that if you're going to have your children help with setting and clearing the table, the opening needs to be low enough. At the same time, if you plan to often work in the kitchen and chat with dinner guests who may be sitting on the other side of the window, it should ideally be positioned so that you can see their faces from where you're working.

Window Shape

Square or rectangular pass-through windows are conventional, and while there's no "right" shape that works in every home, you'll need to discover which shape is most suitable for your home. Depending on the size of the wall and even the layout of your home, a square opening can sometimes look best. In other cases, a rectangular window will be ideal. You may wish to make both shapes on the wall in painter's tape and leave the tape up for a few days to get a sense of which shape you prefer.

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