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3 Things To Know About Adding A Stone Bathtub When You Remodel

It's hard not to fall in love with stone bathtubs, once you've seen them. A stone tub is the ultimate luxurious touch for a bathroom remodel. These tubs can be made from a variety of stone materials and made into different shapes. A stone tub is ideal for long, hot soaks, and it's a sure way to wow guests to your home. Here are a few things to know about getting one of these bathtubs.

Stone Tubs Are Heavy

As you can imagine, a bathtub made from granite or other natural stone is extremely heavy. Plus, you have to factor in the weight of the water, which can be substantial, since the tubs are usually large soaking tubs. Therefore, you may not be able to have a stone tub installed without reinforcing the floor of the room. Also, stone tubs are best for lower level bathrooms, but if you want one in an upper level bath, be sure to factor in how difficult the tub is to maneuver, since it is large and heavy. Also, be sure a contractor reinforces the upper level floor during your remodel.

Stone Tubs Need Extra Room

Freestanding tubs give your bathroom an upscale appearance, but your room has to be suitable for such a tub. For one, the room needs to be large enough. Tubs that are built into a wall take up a small amount of space compared to a freestanding tub, especially a soaking tub. Also, you don't want to push a freestanding stone tub up against any walls. There should be plenty of room for you to move around all sides of the tub, so you can keep your bathroom and the tub clean. Pushing your stone tub against a wall will make it almost impossible to keep the floor behind the tub and the backside of the tub clean.

Stone Bathtubs Require More Maintenance

You're probably drawn to a stone tub because of its beauty. However, that beauty will eventually wear away, if you don't maintain the tub properly. One problem is hard water stains. You should rinse and dry the tub after every bath to keep mineral deposits and splotches at bay. Take care with the cleaning chemicals you use because harsh chemicals and scouring pads will etch or scratch the stone. Use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer, and follow the instructions for how to maintain the tub. A stone tub will last for a long time, and you want the surface to stay just as beautiful as the stone is durable.

A stone tub is a nice touch for a new luxury bath when you remodel your home. It's also a nice perk for you, since these tubs are perfect for soaking. If you love to take long, hot baths rather than quick showers, you'll love a stone tub because once they're heated by hot water, they hold onto the heat and keep your bath nice and warm for much longer than a traditional tub.