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Three Backsplash Ideas To Evaluate In Advance Of Your Custom Kitchen Makeover

When you're planning a kitchen makeover, you'll often give careful consideration to the look of your cabinets, countertop, and even the new appliances that you may be buying. Make sure that you also give thought to the backsplash behind the counter. While this area might seem minor compared to bigger elements of the kitchen, the right backsplash can greatly augment the look of the space — and the wrong one can be an eyesore that detracts from the many positive changes you've made in the kitchen during its makeover. Here are three backsplash ideas that are worth considering.


Tile is a common material for kitchen backsplashes and is ideal because it's easy to clean when it gets splattered with food. Many homeowners favor tile backsplashes because tile is available in a seemingly endless selection of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. This wide selection means that you'll have no trouble picking a backsplash that will perfectly complement your kitchen makeover. One way to add visual interest to the area behind your countertop is with a combination of tiles. For example, you can buy sheets of tiles that include some metal tiles, some glass tiles, and some natural stone tiles. Together, this backsplash can augment the look of the space.

Painted Drywall

You don't necessarily need to add tiles to the area behind your kitchen countertop. Some homeowners favor more of a simple look, and this can be achieved by simply leaving the area bare. You can paint the drywall in your desired color and have it match the rest of the kitchen walls. This approach is handy because it's cost effective; your remodeling contractor simply needs to repair any dents left after removing the old backsplash, and then give the wall a couple coats of paint. The challenge of this type of backsplash is that you'll need to wipe the wall down promptly after food is splashed on it to prevent staining.


A metal backsplash is another look that many people favor in the kitchen. You can buy squares of metal that you place against one another on the wall to achieve the desired effect. In many cases, you can even buy plastic squares that are finished to look like metal; they'll typically be less expensive and may give you more available styles. You can often find these squares in silver, gray, and copper. Many have a distressed look, which you may find desirable if you like a rustic style of kitchen.

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