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3 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Are Ideal For Couples

Remodeling your bathroom can be a great opportunity to resolve some of the issues that you may be experiencing with your current bathroom setup, especially if you happen to share your bathroom with a significant other. Listed below are three bathroom remodeling ideas that are ideal for couples.

Dual Sinks

One of the areas of your bathroom that can very quickly become crowded or a point of contention when you are sharing it with a significant other is the sink and counter area. This is especially true if you and your significant other need to get ready to go to work at the same time because it means that you are both fighting for space in order to get ready on time. In addition, storage space in most sink and counter areas in your bathroom is typically going to be fairly limited, so it can be very difficult for you and your significant other to have all the space that you need to store your toiletries without intruding on each other's space.

However, an easy way to resolve this issue is to simply remodel your bathroom to have dual sinks so that the two of you do not need to fight over space as often. If you want to go a step further, you can also consider having dual vanities, which will result in you and your significant other having your own cabinet space, sink, mirror, and lights.

Water Closet

Another remodeling project that you should consider for your bathroom is a water closet. This is particularly useful because it means that you or your significant other will not have to hold it in when they need to go to the bathroom if someone is showering or simply getting ready to go out. The reason for this is that the water closet is a self-contained room within your bathroom that only contains a toilet, which means that you have complete privacy while you're relieving yourself and if someone is showering or getting ready in the bathroom, they will not have to be exposed to any potentially unpleasant smells from the toilet.

Separate Shower And Tub

Finally, a great remodeling idea for couples is to consider installing a separate tub and shower in your bathroom. The benefit to this is that it allows both you and your significant other to bathe at the same time if necessary, which is again very useful if you and your significant other need to get ready to go to work or out at the same time.

Contact a contractor or bathroom remodeling specialist today in order to discuss what remodeling ideas he or she would recommend for you and your significant other and in order to get an estimate for the remodeling project. Installing dual sinks, a water closet, or a separate shower and tub are all great remodeling ideas for couples that are living together.