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Learning About Remodeling Contractors

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Look For These Features When Having New Bathroom Cabinets Installed

If you're having new bathroom cabinets installed as part of your big bathroom remodeling project, you now have the chance to find cabinets that offer exactly what you need, rather than generic cubbyholes. Really think about what you want in terms of safety and internal space; while the doors and surface color are certainly important, too, you have to be sure that you're happy with all of what the cabinets offer.

Pull-out Shelves

One feature that you should ask about is a pull-out shelf. If the cabinets are going to be very deep, or if there will be corner cabinets, pull-out shelves let you store items in all of the space, rather than having any dead spaces. There's no reason to let the back of the shelves remain empty; pull-out shelves are now very common in kitchens, so you can find models meant for high-moisture areas like the bathroom, too.

Strong Latches

Because the pull-out shelves can roll out if there's an earthquake, and because bathroom cabinets tend to hold cleaners and other items that you don't want kids getting into, you should also ask your cabinet company about strong latches that will hold the doors in place in case of a quake. Place them high enough so that small kids can't reach them.

Mildew-Resistant Paint or Stain

Even with the best ventilation, humidity and condensation can still build up in bathrooms when you take a shower or when the temperature outside is much lower than the temperature inside. Ensure that the paint or stain/sealant used on the cabinets resists mold and mildew. You'll still have to watch how much moisture you let sit around in the bathroom and ensure the ventilation is good. But with resistant paint or stain/sealant, you'll have fewer instances, and hopefully no instances, of spots of mildew showing up on the cabinets.

Large Spaces

Have at least one of the cabinets hold extra large spaces where you can store those bulk packages of toilet paper and other goods. It can be kind of annoying to have to break those up and have several packages stored in different locations. With a larger space (and this should really be toward the ground, not in a wall cabinet), you can hold everything in one spot.

You can have cabinets custom-made if you want a particular amount of space. Talk to the cabinet company you are working with and see what they can create for you. To learn more, contact a company like Interior Expressions.