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4 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet repairs ensure your kitchen's storage remains functional and aesthetically appealing for years. However, it gets to a point where cabinet replacement is the only way to give your kitchen a facelift. Due to the extensive use of kitchen cabinets and their exposure to steam, heat, and water, they inevitably show signs of aging after some years. Restoring cabinets that are completely worn out might not be the best way to keep your kitchen operational. Here are four signs you need new kitchen cabinets.

1. Inadequate Countertop Space

While cabinets' primary purpose is to provide you with sufficient kitchen storage, you also need adequate countertop space for meal prep. Outdated kitchen cabinet designs might not provide you with enough room to operate.

Since meal prep is one of the main reasons you have a kitchen, countertops that don't make this task easy can be frustrating. If yours is an older kitchen with more traditional cabinet designs, consider upgrading to modern cabinets. Liaise with a remodeling contractor to install new kitchen cabinets with extended countertops.

2. Significant Water damage

Exposure to water and steam over the years can cause your cabinets to swell due to water damage. Warped wooden cabinet doors are not only unsightly, but they make it hard to close your cabinets. Water damage can also manifest in the form of:

  • Discoloration
  • Bubbling
  • De-lamentation

Call remodeling contractors to review the extent of the damage. They will recommend an upgrade if the cabinets cannot be restored to their previous condition.

3. Traditional Layout

While traditional layouts were functional in older houses, this might not be what your modern kitchen needs. Reconfiguring the cabinets is the only way you can achieve a seamless kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinets are the most useful when the layout flows with the rest of the kitchen's configuration. If the cabinets are too high or too low, you will strain each time you want to retrieve something or use the countertop. A modern layout ensures that everyone in your household finds the kitchen user-friendly. Whether you love to cook or use the kitchen only when you're hosting, ensure your cabinets make the time you spend in the kitchen enjoyable.

4. Insufficient Storage Space

An obvious sign you need new cabinets is when you have insufficient storage space. If your current storage cannot accommodate all your kitchen equipment, consult with remodeling contractors for an upgrade. Upgrading to more spacious cabinets ensures that your kitchen's storage doesn't get jammed with dishes and other kitchen items.

Sure, restoring old cabinets saves you a lot of money, but if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it might be time to get new kitchen cabinets. Hire a professional like one at Jax Payless Cabinets for new kitchen cabinets.