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Learning The Truth Behind Two Steel Roofing Myths

If you have an old asphalt roof on your business that needs to be replaced, then you may be considering your material options carefully before scheduling an installation. This is wise, especially if you do not want to go to the trouble of having another roof installed within the next several decades. A steel roof is a good, long lasting option that will last you over 60 years. However, you may be swayed away from the roofing material based upon one of the many common myths floating around about the material. Keep reading to learn the truth behind a few of these myths. Myth – Steel Roofing Is Noisy Many people believe that steel roofs will be noisy as rain and sleet bounce off the roof. However, this is simply not true. In fact, studies show that falling rain produces about 46 decibels of sound on an asphalt roof and 52 decibels on a steel roof. If a steel roof is placed over an open frame for some reason, then sounds may be as high as 60 decibels. This sound level is about the same as the volume of your voice during a conversation, so this is not considered loud. Steel roofs are usually pretty quiet due to the many layers that make up the roof. During a typical steel roof installation, asphalt shingles and roofing felt are torn away to reveal the plywood sheathing underneath. The sheathing is examined for wear, leaks, and other types of damage. New plywood is added to replace the damaged materials. In some cases, an extra material layer is added over the top of the plywood. Rockwool insulation may be used. This will help to reduce draft concerns if your business is located in a high wind or cold weather area. A roofing membrane or underlayment is placed over the plywood or the rockwool insulation. The metal roofing shingles or strips are placed over the top. Myth – Metal Roofs Will Attract Lightning Lightning will rarely hit a building. In general, the trees on your property are far more likely to be hit by lightning than your business. This is true since lightning will most often hit the tallest or highest object in the region. Lightning is an unstable electrical current that is trying to reach the earth where it can be grounded or stabilized. The quickest way to reach the earth is through […]

Gel Staining Tips To Help You Revitalize Your Kitchen Cabinets

If the wood cabinets in your kitchen are a bit drab and outdated, then you can work to update them as long as they are still in great condition. With a bit of color and some elbow grease, you can make the cabinets look like new. If you like the bold color of paint, but also enjoy the semi-transparent appearance of stain, then try your hand at applying gel stain to the cabinets. If you have never worked with the stain before, then learn about a few tips and tricks that will make it easy to use.  Prepare The Wood By Sanding And Cleaning Before you begin your staining project, you will need to release the cabinet doors from the cabinets and remove all of the hardware. At this time, you will need to prepare the surface of the wood to receive the gel stain. You must clean and sand the surfaces. Unlike regular stain, gel stain will not absorb into the surface of the wood. It will instead sit on top of it, much like paint. This means that water-resistant polyurethane sealers and grease on the wood will both need to be removed so the stain can stick to the wood. Otherwise, you will end up with an uneven color. Sanding While you do need to sand to release sealers, you do not need to sand aggressively to remove all the sealer or stain. Breaking the surface of the sealer is enough to leave the underlying wood exposed so the gel can adhere to it properly. Use a piece of 100 or 120 medium grit sandpaper to lightly sand the cabinets. The surface of the wood should be slightly rough to the touch and no longer shiny.  Cleaning If the wood cabinets are extremely worn, then parts of the wood may have been exposed to food, grease, and other debris. To make sure that grease and debris is removed, use a sponge and a bucket of warm water and scrub at the surfaces of the cabinets. If you notice stains on the wood after the cleaning, then place a teaspoon of table salt in a dish. Add several drops of water and stir to create a paste. Add the paste to the stain and let it sit for two or three hours. Use a cloth to brush away the salt afterwards. The salt will draw the stains out of the wood […]

3 Telltale Signs That Your Windows Should Be Replaced

If the neighbor’s kid accidentally throws a baseball through your window glass or if you get a chill every time you sit down near a window on a cold day, you probably know that you need to call a window replacement service. However, not every sign that your windows are worn out is as obvious. Many homeowners overlook signs that their windows should really be replaced. Take a look at some subtle, but important signs that you could use new windows in your home. Broken Window Locks Unfortunately, it can be pretty easy to ignore a broken window lock. As long as your window still opens and closes normally, it’s easy for a homeowner to believe that a lock isn’t really all that important. What you may not know is that locking your window creates a seal that prevents air leaks. Without the lock, it’s easier for outdoor air to find its way into your home. A broken lock can increase your energy bills by causing your air conditioner or heater to cool or heat the outdoor air coming into your home. What’s more, an unlocked window is a real security risk. In about 30% of burglary cases, the burglar comes in through an unlocked window or door. Windows are much more likely to be left unlocked than doors, so if a burglar is casing your place, they’re almost certainly going to test out the windows. You can opt to simply repair the window locks, but a broken lock can often be a sign that your windows are older and becoming fragile. If that’s the case, you’re better off replacing them with newer, stronger windows. Condensation Inside Your Window If you have double-paned windows, one thing you may notice is condensation between the two panes. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to clean your windows, because you can clean the glass inside and outside and still not be able to see through the window clearly. However, the problem is bigger than just an obscured view. Double-paned windows are made by sealing two panes of glass together with an insulting gas, like argon or krypton, between them. If you’re seeing condensation inside the window, that means that the seal has been breached and your insulation is gone. There’s no way to put that back or reseal the glass. You may be able to remove the condensation – there are services […]

Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are tired of your old, outdated bathroom and would love to remodel the entire thing, you may want to start planning for this several months in advance, especially if you are on a tight budget. The average cost of a bathroom remodel job is $9,315, which is a lot of money for one of the smallest rooms in your home. If you do not have this kind of money to use for this, you may want to consider following these tips to help you reduce the costs of your home remodeling project. Keep The Same Layout One of the first things to think about with your remodeling project is whether you want to keep the same layout or change it. If you can keep the same layout, the project will be cheaper, because you will not have to move any of the plumbing pipes, drains, or lines. If you change the layout, you may end up with a lot of extra work to do. This work will not only be costly, but it can be time-consuming too. Explore All Options With Your Bathtub One of the costliest parts of a bathroom remodeling project is updating the bathtub, but this is typically one of the most important aspects of the job too. To improve the looks of your tub, you have options, and here are three of them: Replace the tub with a new one – While replacing your tub might seem like the most expensive route, it can actually be the cheapest method if you do the work yourself. If you have to hire this out, replacing the tub can be very expensive because of all the work that is involved. Another thing to consider is the amount of time it will take to remove the old tub and put a new one in. If you do this yourself, it might take days to complete this job. Refinish the tub – One of the most affordable ways to improve the looks of a bathtub is to have it refinished. While you could try doing this yourself, you might want to just pay someone to do it so it is completed quickly. The cost can be as low as $300 to have this done, and your tub will look great when it is finished. Get a bathtub liner – Tub liners typically look better than refinished tubs, but they […]

Baby On Deck? Make Sure Your Stoop Is Ship Shape Before Your Little One Arrives

If you are about to have a baby, you are probably getting your house ready for their arrival. While you check for hazards and redecorate your interior, it is important to also pay attention to the exterior of your home. You should check your deck for common hazards and make the following five repairs if they are necessary.  Re-size Your Railing  Depending on where you live, the building requirements for the height of your railing and the space between the balusters on your deck may be strictly enforced or overlooked. In fact, many families have decks without a railing, which causes a falling hazard for young children. You should measure to make sure the space between your balusters is not more than four inches, which is commonly considered close enough that a baby cannot fit their head through the opening. If you currently have a further spacing, you may want to call in a professional to add more balusters. You should also make sure that no horizontal bars, lattice work, or netting is installed against your railing. While you might think this will protect your child from falling through openings that are too large, they actually provide a surface that a curious toddler can climb up, putting them in greater danger of falling.  Replace Loose Nails Loose nails and screws can go unnoticed for months or even years. However, a crawling baby or a toddler can easily find nails that stick out of the wood and suffer cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  While you may be tempted to hammer loose nails back in, you may want to remove them completely and replace them with new nails or screws to ensure the structural integrity of your deck.  Seal the Surface If your deck is looking dull or becoming weathered, you should sand, stain, and seal it before the arrival of your baby. This way, your infant will not be exposed to wood particles during the sanding or chemicals during the staining and sealing. Also, this will help smooth out any rough patches on the deck that could cause splinters or scrapes on a young baby’s skin.  If you seal your deck just before the arrival of your baby, you should not have to seal it again until they are two or three years old and the risks of inhaling chemicals or particles is less severe.  Evaluate Your Boards  If your deck boards have […]